An Evening With the Brotherhood of God

If people will turn their attention to us, give us their open minds, their open hearts, then we will fill them with wisdom and with the gifts of spirit that will bring them into oneness with God.  This is our task here ā€” to take the God-message to you on your plane that you will not waste your life there.

The God Mind Connection, Ch 1, Pg 1
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If you had the chance to spend an evening with anyone from the history or earth, who would you meet, and why? Many people in response to this question would elect to meet some of the great spiritual figures from history – Jesus, Buddha, The Prophet Mohammed, Lao Tsu, Mary Mother of Jesus etc. If you relate to this, I have good news for you. These great spiritual titans of humanity’s past are available to you, and not just for an evening.

The Brotherhood of God are a group of advanced spirits who, through spiritual growth over many lifetimes on Earth, have reached the level where they are no longer in need of Earth’s lessons for their own personal growth. Rather than go on to higher planes, they have elected to stay and assist us. This is an act of pure service on their behalf; they want nothing but to allow us to grow in our Earth lives into the perfect people we are truly destined to be. They are available for our assistance at all times – a 24/7 support line that you can practically use in your life.

In order to set up the line of communication with The Brotherhood of God, only the will or desire is necessary, plus an investment of time on your part. The understanding of who they are, plus the desire or intention to make the connection, creates this link which allows us to communicate with them and receive the blessings and truth that they offer to us. If you elect to do this you will find your life enriched in many ways.

If you are interested in accessing a free PDF version of The God Mind Connection it can be accessed here.

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3 Responses to An Evening With the Brotherhood of God

  1. malaikamuses says:

    I liked the lines where you said we are destined to be perfect people. This is a beautiful thing to believe in. thanks for the beautiful liberating post.

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    • Jack Lennon says:

      Thanks so much Malaika! I really appreciate your comment. Thanks for coming and reading my post. My humble feeling is that by receiving the love and truth that God offers us through dedicated prayer / meditation / service / development of understanding we can slowly achieve this perfection that God is. So much for the goal – now for the continued work to get there, so much work to do! LOL


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