Jean_K_Foster A word from author, Jean Foster (1927-2020):

My assignment in this plane of life was to write a series of metaphysical books to help people find their own unique spiritual path. Since this path frees us from religious doctrine, it seemed strange indeed that these books would be written through me, a dedicated protestant church member, at the time. However, my life’s goal (a secret from family and friends) was to write something of significance and to stand up and tell people about what I’d written. I had no idea when I gave that goal to the God of the Universe, what exact form the goal would take.

Eight spiritual growth books were written through me to stimulate others to go within to the Inner Voice that connects us all with the Mind of God. The books contain principles and revelations from the Brotherhood of God (the outreach of the Holy Spirit or God Spirit) who answers our requests that we may live our lives according to the growth plans we developed before we were born. Over 200 workshops, presentations and conferences across the United States and in London, England, and Toronto, Canada, allowed me to complete my goal.

Jean died on May 5th 2020 – passing over to the next plane of life – her and our eternal spiritual home. She was a writer, teacher, mother and grandmother, and is remembered as a love and valued friend to many across the globe. She is available, as always, to assist us with strengthening our connections to God and receiving perfect truth. 

Jean’s brief autobiography:

I grew up during the great depression with parents who were teachers. They always held out the goal of going to college, and so I attended and graduated from Indiana University in Bloomington where I met my husband. He and I were journalism majors, and we lived and worked in Washington, D.C., Orlando, Florida, and finally Warrensburg, Missouri. My husband worked in public relations, and I taught in high schools. We shared our lives with three children who are now grown but in close touch. The greatest joy of my life has been writing the God-mind books. After I practiced daily for many weeks to connect with the inner voice, a flood of wisdom came my way, and I learned that everyone can make the same connection I found and that we each have our individual truth. Getting the books published was a joint effort of my husband, Carl, and me. He retired from his public relations job and became my proof reader, publisher and book distributor. He also organized workshops and presentations that I gave throughout the country. My life has changed drastically in that religion no longer reigns supreme in my life. I found that spiritual connection that I write about in The God-Mind Connection, and I live within the helping guidance of the Brotherhood of God, or Holy Spirit.

Ronald_Knight A word from publisher & distributor, Ron Knight:

One of my many assignments in this life was has been to be one who ‘seeds’ truth into the Earth plane. A key manifestation of this is through the publishing and distribution of the God-mind books and tapes detailed in this site. Through a mutual friend I was introduced to Jean Foster and the God-mind books in the mid-1990’s while a manager for a Fortune 500 aerospace company. Soon I immersed into the world of ‘divine encounters’ which created a beautiful opportunity to ‘stretch my spiritual wings’ and fly. Now happily retired from my former engineering vocation, I own and operate Teamup Services, the publishing and distribution company for the books and audio by Jean K. Foster. A resident of Texas, I maintain my penchant for meditation, all things British, fast German sports cars, amateur astronomy, mashed potatoes, and of course, my wife, Lady Kathryn.

Connie_Givens A word from Chat Room / Prayer Circle Manager, Connie Givens:

My search for God Truth started with an intense search of the Bible for 12 years, studying many religions. Not satisfied with judgmental concepts, my search continued until I discovered the books written by Jean K. Foster. In 1988, the only book available where I lived was the second book titled, The Truth That Goes Unclaimed. This book spoke truth to my heart/mind. I quickly located the first book, then waited for each of the other books to be published to savor the God Truth they contained. In the 1990’s we began an email study group meeting online for a weekly chat on Sundays, which Jean attends – a great way to meet like-minded people and share insights. The Prayer Circle “invites” God into daily living to address personal requests for healing, wholeness and guidance – you are welcome to join us. Some of my titles are mother, grandmother, accountant, student, teacher and Truth eternalizer.

Tabitha Pomeroy & Keith Rowley A word from Web Meister, Keith Rowley:

I have spent my life searching for the mysterious “lost chord:” that sound that expresses “it all.” I find it occasionally (often via my other four senses), and it reminds me that we are all children of god, experiencing this plane of existence so that God will know him/herself. My first encounter with The God-Mind Connection was one such discovery, and now I often plug into my helpers to gain clarity and insight into all variety of life situations.

A native of Corpus Christi, Texas, I now live in Seattle, where I teach people how to grok computers. I compose my own music, am entranced by sunsets, and eat lots of local greens.

A word from Website Assistant, Jack Lennon:

Hi All, my name is Jack Lennon and I live in Queensland, Australia. I was lucky enough to find a copy of “The God Mind Connection” in a second hand bookstore in 2008, which completely changed my life for the better. I wish to ensure that this knowledge is promoted and available to assist others in their journeys, just as it has so profoundly assisted me in mine. If a single person is helped by this information I know I will have achieved greatly. I am a humble student of the Brotherhood, a guest blogger, and an assistant for all things “Teamup”.

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