Tuning in to Love Radio

Photo by Simon B

People cry out for love.  By teaming up with us, you will bring love into your life, into your individual world. Be the person who will have his great reward in the here and now, not in an after‑life.  Turning yourself to this teamwork will bring your life the purpose and reward that everyone wants in their heart of hearts.

The Truth that Goes Unclaimed, Ch 4, Pg 44

Eastern religions such as Buddhism wisely recommend clearing the mind of egoistic and negative thoughts. I have tried very hard to do this on my own with little success. My experience with trying this is like I am trying to fight the ego with the ego, I am wrestling with my own mind and am not able to make any progress or find any peace.

Through my discovery of the book The God Mind Connection I started to use a technique which has been very effective for me at achieving this goal of removing negative thoughts. This technique involves listening to the words of my spiritual guides, the Brotherhood of God, to supplant or replace my negative thoughts. It must be stressed that this is a way that works for me personally, and that all people experience their connections with their spiritual guides differently. I encourage you! Seek and find the way that works for you.

The way that I do this is to focus my mind on the my guides (this creates the mental connection) and simply pick a word in my mind as I am guided, and then pick the next word, and so on until I have received a full sentence. With practice I found I am able to keep this thought stream going in my mind continuously, replacing the thoughts of my own ego.

I have found that listening to the my spiritual guide’s words in my mind is like tuning into “Love Radio”. It allows me to hear their words and guidance throughout the day, guiding me away from poor thoughts and keeping me at one with their goodness. If I am having trouble connecting, I focus my mind on finding the bandwidth which is Love, the frequency which is Truth. Whenever I notice I have become stressed or anxious, I realise I have left the safety of their blessed guidance, and wandered back into my own negative thoughts.

When working with them, any time I need I can interrupt the flow of their message to ask them a question, and receive an answer. I ask questions about anything and everything – should I do this, should I say that, why is this, why is that? The answers guide me and I trust them, I am led to solutions and saved from my own poor thoughts.

Try this! Turn your mind to your spiritual guides and get the help you need. See you there for the next broadcast!

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