If people will turn their attention to us, give us their open minds, their open hearts, then we will fill them with wisdom and the gifts of spirit that will bring them into oneness with God. This is our task here — to take the God-message to you on your plane that you will not waste your life there”

Thus begins “The God Mind Connection”, the first of a series of channeled spiritual books authored by Jean K. Foster. The message came from a group of advanced spirits that call themselves “The Brotherhood of God”.  As the outreach of the Holy Spirit, their mission is to teach us, inspire us and help us to receive the perfect truth which will bring us into oneness with God. Receiving this “God Mind Truth” allows us to grow in wisdom, grow in satisfaction and grow in our ability to meet and achieve our life goals – the growth plan we created with God before we were born.

This website is dedicated to the continuance and development of the spiritual mission we all share – our quest to be one with God. It contains a number of resources to assist those who wish to take the Brotherhood of God at their word – that we can work with them to live a life of greatness beyond our ability to imagine.

  • Download a free PDF Version of “The God Mind Connection” here.
  • Links to obtain the God Mind Books can be found here for the English, Spanish and French translations.
  • Additional essays written by Jean Foster can be found here.
  • In the God Mind Blog we share our experiences with our own connections and work with the Brotherhood and with God – life learnings, spiritual experiences, and truths which have helped us from the God Mind Books. If you are interested in sharing through the God Mind Blog please get hold of us through the contact form.
  • We have compiled a Frequently Asked Questions section; common metaphysical questions with answers given by the Brotherhood of God from the God Mind Books.
  • If you have been inspired by the God Mind Books and you would like to get in touch, please reach out to us through the contact form.

2 Responses to Home

  1. Joseph says:

    Yes would like to know about the God Mind Books,


    • jacklennon27 says:

      Hi Joseph, thanks for getting in touch. The physical books are available through Amazon and also Kindle ebooks. “The God Mind Connection” is probably the best to start with as it gives a very good background for understanding the material in the books that come after that. Wishing you the best with your journey and hoping this can help!


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