advanced souls – All souls (spirit entities) come to planet earth with growth plans.
Those who enact these plans in their earth lives are referred to as “advanced.”

Bible – A collection of stories, history and remembrances that gives the progression of thought about God.
It is a guide for living, divinely inspired, but it is not the only word of God. The word of God comes to each individual as a flow of wisdom, and the Bible, at best, is but one source of wisdom. God, a living, pulsating, vibrant energy, is the Source of Pure Truth, not a Bible – any bible.

Brotherhood of God – Advanced spirits nearby in the next plane of life to enact the work of The Holy Spirit.
They are the Counselor, the Comforter, the Teacher who work with those in the earth plane who open their minds to them. These spirits want to help people team up with the God of the Universe to receive eternal and personal truth.
channel – Anyone can be a channel through which the Mind of God pours individual and eternal truth.
Also, an individual who is called a channel is only proving that communication is possible between those
in the earth plane and those in the next plane of life.

channelled writing – Same as “inspired writing.” When mind-to-mind communication is written, it is often called channelled writing. However, all inspired writing — be it poetry, stories, essays, even music or artistic expression — is considered channelled. Although some people call this “automatic writing,” it is really a process a writer uses to record mind-to-mind communication with the Brotherhood of God. It is not “automatic”.

Christ – A concept of oneness with God. Each person can consider himself or herself the Christ in the sense of that oneness. When we acknowledge the Christ, we acknowledge our oneness with God.

demonstration/manifestation – The process of producing your thought into the physical world. Although everyone projects thought into the physical plane, producing great Good, as opposed to one’s fears, is predicated upon a person’s understanding and application of spiritual principles.

earth-bound spirits – When souls — or spirits — separate from their bodies and live in the next plane of life,
some cannot let go of their earth life identities. These spirits are called “earth-bound.”

earth-mind – Earth-mind goes no further than man has gone. It proves its beliefs in material substance, historical data, and scientific observations. Earth-mind also embraces religion as a worthy effort to reach God. But God is often demoted to that which holds society together in values, not a personal Entity Whose vastness is yet to be proved in individual lives

earth-mind truth – The truth that is contemplated by philosophers, by committees, by policies, by consensus,
by observation of historical and biological data. None of this truth is absolute; none is perfect. It is simply the best that mankind has developed up to the present.

emptying (yourself) – This is a process of clearing the mind of temperamental thoughts and personal ego in order to
receive God’s truth. Meditation, willingness to let go of personal beliefs, and trusting your highest concept of God are examples of emptying.

energy – Innate power that rises from your truth – either God-mind or earth-mind.

entity – When an individual is called an “entity,” the reference is to the inner being or spirit self.

eternalization – Refers to the goal or object you visualize along with helpers from the Brotherhood. They and you work with your God Truth to visualize what is needed, what is wanted. Then, the three in one – the Holy Spirit, the spirit of the individual and the power of the God of the Universe – produce any generous and worthy thought into earth substance.
evil – A concept that many people hold in mind to explain what they call “evil.” This concept of an evil presence within a person diminishes the concept of God by keeping the individual focused on the absence of what God IS.

gentle or tender presences – Spirits work within the Brotherhood/Holy Spirit to reunite your being with God Spirit.
With the help of these presences, those in the earth plane can meet every need or concern with positive, perfect understanding. With their counsel, each person can be useful in society and can assist others as well as himself.

God/Good – The word “God” was first written in English as “Go’d” – as a contraction of the word “Good.”
Therefore we understand that “God” and “Good” are the same.

God Jar – A container used to represent one’s Partnership with God in which all manner of concerns or goals are placed. Frequent re-readings of whatever is put inside helps to cement the understanding of one’s Partnership with God.

God-force – The power of God that acts according to truth principles. This power manifests thoughts into things.
God the Father, God the Judgment, etc.: Indicates the extent of the concept people have about God.
Words following “God” indicate what it is that people believe.

God-mind Truth – The choice of those who are committed to their Partnership with God.
This truth comes to each individual from within his or her spirit/mind that connects easily to God wisdom.

God-mind – The unrestricted and unlimited Mind that produces a flow of wisdom that anyone can tap into is called God-mind. This truth that flows with a steady impulse wants to connect with individual mind/spirits who reach out to become one with the God of the Universe.

God-self – The entity or person who is teamed up with God.

God’s emissary – A person who lives the Truth of God.

God of the Universe – This designation is meant to open your concept of God to the furthest reaches of your mind.
The God concept must be expanded if it is to meet your best expectations. The smaller the God concept, the smaller the expectations. Therefore, the Brotherhood tries to help each individual to open his or her mind to all that God IS.

growth – When a person accepts truth and lives it, spiritual growth occurs.
Growth becomes a permanent part of the spirit self.

growth plan – Before a soul or spirit enters an infant body within the womb, that entity made a plan to achieve
Oneness with God. This plan, true to the nature of what God IS, is a cooperative venture between the God
of the Universe and the individual.

Holy Spirit – The Counselors, Comforters, Teachers described and promised by Jesus to help us live life successfully.

inner self – The reality of each person is the inner self or spirit/soul.
This inner self has lived many lifetimes and will never die.

inner temple – We are encouraged to build an inner temple where we can meet with the Brotherhood of God and with the essence of what God IS. This temple is the cornerstone of our faith in our Partnership with God.

Jesus – The Brother of Brothers who became the outward manifestation of the inner being who lived his life according to this growth plan. Jesus, the historical person, reflected his inner self and enacted his Oneness with God.

knowingness – Learning and resourcefulness that comes from within, from the God-mind connection.

love – This cannot be understood in human terms, for experience gives us erroneous ideas about love.
Tenderness is the ultimate spiritual expression of total support and caring. Love is a servant of tenderness and bows before the ultimate expression because “love” gives and receives. Tenderness only gives.

manifestation – See “demonstration.”

mind/spirit – The mind is separate from the brain. The brain is physical – material; the mind is spiritual.
When the term “mind/spirit” is used, it refers to the reality within us – the soul or spirit which is capable,
under any and all conditions, of connecting to all that God IS.

New Age – The time now appears on the horizon when the earth must reinstate purity into its being.
When this time comes, nothing will be as it was. Those who heed the Truth of God will help both planet and mankind to survive, to flourish and to live in total teamwork.

next plane of life – The earth plane is where our spirit selves – our souls – express in human form.
The next plane of life interpenetrates the earth plane, and it is here that the Brotherhood of God work as the outreach of the Holy Spirit. It is also a place of coming and going – spirits leaving the earth plane and spirits preparing to re-enter life on planet earth.

open channel – The means by which the Brotherhood of God works with each individual to help bring about a God-mind connection.

partnership – When we accept truth from God and decide to live only that truth, we are in partnership with the God of the Universe and with all that God IS – including the Brotherhood of God.

personal truth – The inner message that offers hope in the midst of despair, that claims GOOD for you when appearances seem to pronounce all manner of negative energies at work in your life. (Also see eternal truth and pure truth.)

prayer – Religionists practice prayer to bring mankind into rnental attunement to their God concepts. Prayer offers hope, consideration and an opportunity for reverence. Prayer is seldorn thought of as cornmunication between God and man. It is usually a ritual connecting rnan to a God he cannot hope to understand.

pure intelligence – Belief in each cell’s ability to enact its pure, God-given intelligence thus becoming its potential.

pure truth – This is the base of our teamwork with each individual. Only open minds can claim Pure Truth, or God Truth.
Pure Truth is spirit, it is power; it is naturally good, and it is free from error-thinking. (Also see personal truth.)

reality – Denotes what is purely harmonized with spiritual principle of law. We cannot measure what is real in terms of tangibility nor visibility in the earth plane sense. It is the “real” that produces the tangible, the visible. Even science says all is energy, and when you accept this statement, you are close to your understanding of “reality.”

reincarnation – Living one lifetime after another as men and women, as various nationalities, as members of all races, we have an opportunity to enact our growth plan and our oneness with God. Reincarnation is God’s plan which gives people opportunities for spiritual growth.

religion – An organization which brings people together in churches for the purpose of worship and to turn them into good workers. Generally, religion keeps people from their individual discovery of God.

replenishment – When people draw upon the gifts of God, when they respond to God Truth, they replenish the earth and their lives with what is the nature of God.

Satan – The Old Testament personality who gives the personification of evil in many fictional stories. But Satan did not tempt people. He was the questioner who asked questions that people needed to answer in order to understand their relationship with God. Satan and the devil are not the same.

soul – See inner self.

spirit – The entity that opens to the God of the Universe. Your spirit self knows wherein lies its strength and its wisdom.
The spirit is not seen in the earth plane, but it resides within the body temple and lives a lifetime experience devoted to its growth. It will never die nor does it destruct.

spiritual law – Any God Truth that operates within the universe as law – as that which must come about.

team up – This is the directive to join with the God of the Universe and the Brotherhood of God.

teamwork – Living our lives with the certain understanding that we have help in achieving our potential.
This “help” is spiritual – thus real and powerful.

templing – By bringing God Truth together with the inner spirit, the two are templed, or perfectly joined.

tension – Tension, tone and vibration are interconnected. Each person determines his spiritual tension or outreach for all that God IS. Tension determines the spiritual tone which, in turn, affects the vibration of the spirit which probes for the flow of wisdom from God-Mind.

thought-form – The human body is a thought-form, for it is the manifestation of that creative goodness which emanates through God. Other thought-forms are the manifested thoughts that we, with the help of the God of the Universe,
bring into being.

tome – One book of a series of books which contain the Truth that God has to impart.

tone – See tension.

truth – Anything you believe in is your own truth. Truth, as you take it within and work with it, develops the fabric of your lifetime experience. Your truth consists of powerful thoughts that become the center or focus of your mind-spirit.

truth center – Your inner temple.

turnabout – One who sees himself clearly as one with God.

wetness – Denotes discouragement in its various forms.
“Wet truth” is earth-mind truth, that quality of inferior truth that never comes from the Mind of God.

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