Bridging the Gap to God

To enable you to receive the truth that you need and want, we bring you our concept of God, this great, wonderful and unlimited concept that you may borrow to make your own connection with God‑mind.  Then you will grow spiritually into that advanced spirit who is one with God and who can make your own connection with God.

The Brotherhood waits to help you, and we take our under­standing and our truth to those who ask.  There is a way we can help this reader attain whatever is wanted if it is in the spiritual good.  We speak the truth here, the truth which brings you assurance that God is real and that you will receive His touch of good.

The Truth That Goes Unclaimed Ch 4, Pg 41

God gives us the truth. God is the perfection that we need and want in our lives. When we think of “Good” this is the nature of God – All goodness and truth comes from God. Being close to God brings goodness into our lives – happiness, success, fulfilment, joy, peace and unison with others. The question is, how can we “Bridge the gap to God” and bring ourselves closer to this goodness? How can we receive, and become one with, this powerful goodness and truth?

Searching for God alone is the hard way – the easy way to bring ourself closer to God is to unite our minds with the Brotherhood of God, the spiritual guides whose mission it is to bring us into oneness with God while here in our Earth lives. The Brotherhood are ever ready to offer us their services, any time of day or night. We can simply turn our minds to them and start the process of “Bridging the Gap to God”.

How does this work? The Brotherhood have a strong concept, or understanding, of God. When we turn our minds to them, we unite our minds with theirs and “borrow” their strong understanding of God. This allows the goodness and truth of God to come into our minds and present itself in our lives. Unifying our minds with theirs is as simple as turning our thoughts to them with the openness to receive assistance. This can be done throughout the day, whenever assistance or support is required. The more we do this, the more we receive, and the closer we get to unity with God’s power and goodness.

Uniting our minds with the Brotherhood of God can be done in many different ways. Each person will find a way that is most effective and beneficial for them. Some write questions to the Brotherhood and allow the Brotherhood to answer through their fingers. Some unite with the Brotherhood in their meditations, and receive the answers and the truth that they seek. Some unite with the Brotherhood in their dreams. If you turn your mind to the Brotherhood and ask for assistance, you will be guided towards your own special way of receiving the assistance you need.

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Building the Temple Within

Only greatness will happen here, and only goodness will transpire within you. God’s wonderful blossom will unfold its bloom within you.  In your  inner temple the teacher, the truth, and the reader meet to work togeth­er. This temple will bring forth the gifts of your spiritual heritage.  These truths that we bring to you come from the God of the Universe to you, his own spiritual children, the sons and daughters of the Most High, the true sons of God.

The Truth that Goes Unclaimed Ch1, Pg 4.

In the God Mind Books, the Brotherhood of God recommend that we build an “Inner Temple”; a place created within ourselves where we can go to meditate, to work with the Brotherhood and to receive God Mind Truth. They recommend that we go to this place on a regular basis, putting as much time as we can into receiving this perfect truth from God.

The Brotherhood describe this inner temple as our true inner self, where we connect with and recognise our unity with God. The beauty and the greatness we perceive of this inner temple corresponds to our own concept and understanding of the greatness of God.

My own experience is that this practice has helped me receive truth which is practical and useful in my life. It serves to inspire me, to encourage me, and to improve my thoughts. It makes me more joyous, calmer, more self assured, more able to confidently navigate the Earth experience. I am so grateful for every drop of truth I receive.

When I feel the connection with this truth it feels to me like it has a substance to it; it has a fullness, a gentleness, a freshness and an inspirational quality. The truth appears to me as wordless but powerful, it works on me to improve the person that I am. With the reception and integration of this truth, I seem to gain power to resolve other challenges in my life.  I strive to make this connection with divine truth the top priority in my life, as all other aspects of my life are be benefitted thereby: family, work, hobbies, relationships and finances.

Receiving the truth fills my heart with love. It helps me to know that we are all one, that we will work together to resolve all difficulties. This love extends to you all – wherever you are, I wish for you to receive your own perfect truth, and benefit in your own lives thereby.

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Different Strokes for Different Folks

Champion (Corona)
Oil on Canvas by Libba Davis

Communication is an all-encompassing subject for there are so many ways to communicate:  speaking words, writing words, reading facial gestures, drawing pictures, touching, and many more.  So also is communication through spirit truly “different strokes for different folks.”  I am posting this message because it took me a little while to understand my own method of communication through my GodMind connection, perhaps so others will feel encouraged.

Though there are times when I feel my spirit requesting assistance and words flow through me in the moment that seem to have originated in response to my request, my usual method of communication is what is known as clairsentience, clear feeling.  It begins with a signature feeling of overwhelming love.  And it is then that I know my thoughts are being read without judgement, my heart is expressing, and I feel tender guidance for my life.  And I just know what to do or say.  I have learned to trust this with all my heart and have never been let down.  It’s like moving into a frequency that knows no judgement, only goodness in being (becoming) the truth of myself, the ultimate challenge in being every moment, infinite love and loved in the heart of God.  Intoxicating!  So I can see why I enjoy communicating in this manner.  Words (for me) can have many meanings; feelings, I trust.  Why I am constructed like this I do not know, but my Partner and I have worked out the earlier “kinks”, and it’s now such serenity to communicate in this manner.  There is a fluidity about it that resonates strongly within…a knowing.  Interestingly, this flows through my current work creating paintings and I believe many artists feel the same, whether it be the art of words, artistic medium, or simply living or working in a creative manner.  (I am recently retired from many years of medical work in a hospital setting in which this same creative communication taught me so much!)  

In the book Black Elk Speaks by John Neihardt there is this message:  (Black Elk is speaking of God) “You have set the power of the four quarters of the Earth to cross each other.  You have made me cross the Good road with the road of difficulties, and where they cross, that place is Holy.”  How did he know that place or time is “holy”?  He felt it, and we feel it now or we wouldn’t care so much about spiritually evolving.  This moment on planet Earth is truly Holy.  

The God-Mind Connection by Jean Foster truly initiated me into the knowing that, as I ask, I am being divinely guided in the day to day living of my life. 

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Tuning in to Love Radio

Photo by Simon B

People cry out for love.  By teaming up with us, you will bring love into your life, into your individual world. Be the person who will have his great reward in the here and now, not in an after‑life.  Turning yourself to this teamwork will bring your life the purpose and reward that everyone wants in their heart of hearts.

The Truth that Goes Unclaimed, Ch 4, Pg 44

Eastern religions such as Buddhism wisely recommend clearing the mind of egoistic and negative thoughts. I have tried very hard to do this on my own with little success. My experience with trying this is like I am trying to fight the ego with the ego, I am wrestling with my own mind and am not able to make any progress or find any peace.

Through my discovery of the book The God Mind Connection I started to use a technique which has been very effective for me at achieving this goal of removing negative thoughts. This technique involves listening to the words of my spiritual guides, the Brotherhood of God, to supplant or replace my negative thoughts. It must be stressed that this is a way that works for me personally, and that all people experience their connections with their spiritual guides differently. I encourage you! Seek and find the way that works for you.

The way that I do this is to focus my mind on the my guides (this creates the mental connection) and simply pick a word in my mind as I am guided, and then pick the next word, and so on until I have received a full sentence. With practice I found I am able to keep this thought stream going in my mind continuously, replacing the thoughts of my own ego.

I have found that listening to the my spiritual guide’s words in my mind is like tuning into “Love Radio”. It allows me to hear their words and guidance throughout the day, guiding me away from poor thoughts and keeping me at one with their goodness. If I am having trouble connecting, I focus my mind on finding the bandwidth which is Love, the frequency which is Truth. Whenever I notice I have become stressed or anxious, I realise I have left the safety of their blessed guidance, and wandered back into my own negative thoughts.

When working with them, any time I need I can interrupt the flow of their message to ask them a question, and receive an answer. I ask questions about anything and everything – should I do this, should I say that, why is this, why is that? The answers guide me and I trust them, I am led to solutions and saved from my own poor thoughts.

Try this! Turn your mind to your spiritual guides and get the help you need. See you there for the next broadcast!

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An Evening With the Brotherhood of God

If people will turn their attention to us, give us their open minds, their open hearts, then we will fill them with wisdom and with the gifts of spirit that will bring them into oneness with God.  This is our task here — to take the God-message to you on your plane that you will not waste your life there.

The God Mind Connection, Ch 1, Pg 1
Photo by Anna Shvets on

If you had the chance to spend an evening with anyone from the history or earth, who would you meet, and why? Many people in response to this question would elect to meet some of the great spiritual figures from history – Jesus, Buddha, The Prophet Mohammed, Lao Tsu, Mary Mother of Jesus etc. If you relate to this, I have good news for you. These great spiritual titans of humanity’s past are available to you, and not just for an evening.

The Brotherhood of God are a group of advanced spirits who, through spiritual growth over many lifetimes on Earth, have reached the level where they are no longer in need of Earth’s lessons for their own personal growth. Rather than go on to higher planes, they have elected to stay and assist us. This is an act of pure service on their behalf; they want nothing but to allow us to grow in our Earth lives into the perfect people we are truly destined to be. They are available for our assistance at all times – a 24/7 support line that you can practically use in your life.

In order to set up the line of communication with The Brotherhood of God, only the will or desire is necessary, plus an investment of time on your part. The understanding of who they are, plus the desire or intention to make the connection, creates this link which allows us to communicate with them and receive the blessings and truth that they offer to us. If you elect to do this you will find your life enriched in many ways.

If you are interested in accessing a free PDF version of The God Mind Connection it can be accessed here.

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A personal look at prayer by teammate Constance Jean Givens:

From – God-Self Within: Prayer is joining God Who IS already present willing your GOOD with you or with the other person or with the situation at hand.  God generates (with you) GOOD – only good!  

Usually prayer requests are made after a concern is realized.  This concern usually begins with worry or uneasiness, then fear thoughts rise up and threaten. Of course, God already knows the situation!  Then what could I do without fear’s involvement?  How could I align myself with God in a positive way for the circumstances presently faced?  It took some re-centering (quieting my mind) to change frequencies – joining with God’s calmness and powerful, comforting strength.

My prayers begin with gratitude thanking God/Holy Spirit/Jesus and those who assist us 24/7 (teaming up, which is consciously connecting via intention).  My heart (like a vessel) fills, thus inviting God’s GOOD/Love within.  By creating an active image – visualizing me, or another person strong, moving about, even smiling.  I hold the situation in a positive light thus keeping the link with God’s Good.  [Fear cannot exist in God’s energy field of Oneness.]

When praying for healing, my part is staying with the intention of GOOD,  giving generously from my filled heart for either myself or another or the situation.  It is the same GOOD God gives that we share by way of thoughts and prayerful energy to stream forth to fulfill in the best way possible what is needed.  This giving is not exhausting; the Good is from God, not from me, and God cannot be depleted!

God KNOWS best how to assist the person and/or the situation! I call upon teamwork with The Brotherhood of God to enter the God-mind Truth required to manifest the best outcome. My directing God’s energy is not needed nor is it helpful.  In fact, the energy lessens, especially if my focus/vision turns back to the problem.  In turn the energy increases with positive thoughts of God’s Good in action!  No particular setting nor stance nor a lot of time is needed – just my attention (love/good) giving with God for the person or situation. The Brotherhood support the God Principles of Truth for the situation.  I sense and feel their assistance!    

If the prayer is for me, I watch for the opening God always provides and ready myself to join the answer.  God only asks for my willingness to move when opportunity presents itself.   My confidence has grown with practice,  and I better recognize the teamwork designed to fulfill the desired result!

I asked about prayer to God through Jesus through saints. “These people need pictures to help them visualize God.  They do, in fact, open their minds to the idea that God IS, but they seldom go far in their spiritual growth because they believe in a limited concept of God that in turn limits them.  Believe in the omnipresent and omnipotent God and open your mind to this plane to help you grow.  The Brotherhood of God will be there for you.  We have no statue, no picture, no tangible presence on the earth plane, but we in this plane open ourselves to God through Jesus Christ and can help you do the same.”

The God-mind Connection, Ch 4, page 30


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Searching for the “Inner Dan”

The eighteenth promise belongs to those who try to do all things by the sweat of their brows.  The promise God makes is that He will make the path easy if people will let Him.  God intends to alleviate the hardships, the difficult trials, thoughts that empty your minds of hope.  God will make the hopeless happy and the burdened think their life is beautiful. The Brotherhood stands ready to help attain this promise for each of you, that your life will be one of beauty and of happiness.

The God Mind Connection Ch 9, Pg 94

When I started work in a Sugar Factory in QLD, Australia, I was quite stressed out. As supervisors of the factory shifts we had a difficult assignment, keep an old and tired factory humming along, processing the large annual cane crop and producing the sugar needed to financially support the company. There were many instances where we would have mechanical breakdowns leading to full factory shutdowns – the pressure was always on to get the factory going again before the sugar seized up in the pipes leading to disastrous results.

During these breakdowns I would often stay back late to assist the next Shift Supervisor get the factory going again. There was a Supervisor there “Dan” who I would see happily walking around, making jokes with the team, going about his work to fix the issue at hand. He seemed unphased by the maelstrom around him – broken down equipment, stressed out teammates, managers driving us along. I thought to myself – how does Dan do it? How can I be more like him? I promised myself that I would one day find my “Inner Dan”.

Recently we finished a full factory shutdown. I was principally responsible for bringing the factory online and we were one week behind schedule starting the factory up. Many issues had thwarted our progress, and myself and my team had been working around the clock to resolve them. There was a lot of pressure to achieve this, and many people came up to me during this time to ask how I was going. I told them the answer – I was fine, I actually felt quite good! I realised something – I had found my “Inner Dan” at last..

How did I find it? I followed the voice of the Brotherhood. They guided me away from the frantic and desperate voice of my own ego toward the peace and security that God offers. They guided me towards the solutions to all the problems that presented – complicated technical problems, disagreements between teammates, lack of appropriate resources. They made the path easy, they made the path straight. They changed my experience from difficult and tortuous to calm, blessed and inspiring.

If you are interested in downloading a free PDF version of “The God Mind Connection” it can be found here.

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Stumbling upon the Love and Truth of God

I grew up in a Christian family, at school I was taught to believe, and I did. Later as a teenager I started to dig into western philosophy, I became agnostic; My feeling was that the existence of God could not be proved either way, and that it was impossible for us to know. At that time in high school I was quite shy and I gradually became alienated from my schoolmates, losing my faith in my ability to connect with people.

After high school I got the opportunity to go on a working trip to Europe with a cousin and one of his friends. Through their encouragement, I started to get out more and engage with people. I gradually began to overcome my lack of faith in people; more and more I could see the good in people and how much we had in common.

This process culminated in an experience I had as we were visiting Thailand on the way home to Australia. I was washing my face in the bathroom of our hotel and I paused for a minute, reflecting on the experiences I had had, what I had learnt, and feeling a deep appreciation for everything. Suddenly I noticed a feeling, like a liquid gold entering the top of my head and moving down my spine.

This “substance” gave me the most blissful feeling as it filled my heart to what felt like bursting point. Then, I felt my heart “open”, and my whole body was filled with this substance, this love. I realised I loved the world, I loved all mankind. I felt the presence of a truth all around me and I realised that this truth was very ancient, existing before the beginning of time.

This truth made me realize many things. Truths became instantly self evident to me. As I walked down the street I could feel this same soul substance in every person I saw, and knew their soul was of the same substance as mine. We were all made of this loving substance, and that this substance was God.

I gained many things from this experience, but most of all I learnt that God is real, and is the answer to all the problems in life. I gained motivation to search for the truth that God gives, and apply this truth to my life.

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Trust Is The Key

And from the Voice Within:  Trust is the key between the physical lifetime lived with certainty in the Good, or God, that is available to everyone and the spirit who wants a lifetime that expresses its potential.

When I get in my vehicle, turn the key, the vehicle starts – I push the gas petal and I’m on my way. I KNOW this process is what is required to MOVE in the direction I want. For sure I do not know the mechanics of operation”–  however, I have come to TRUST that each time I need to go somewhere that my vehicle will get me there. My part is to TURN THE KEY to initiate the process.  Then follow my God-mind “Voice Within” nudges to deliver me to my desired destination.  [The capitalized words are also what is required to put God’s Principles into motion.]

To “KNOW” (means decision-direction formed) focusing on where I want to go.  Go to my inner temple, TURN THE KEY (means call for teamwork with The Brotherhood/Holy Spirit) and TRUST (means consistency-compassion-competency-communication combined in Oneness) with God’s Principles functioning to MOVE (means to use-operate) delivering the desired results for where I want to go/be.

Simply stated – it takes practice – just like learning to drive. After a while (experience develops mastery), I can operate the vehicle as if I’ve been doing this from birth. It becomes easier than most tasks – something I turn to often – that I depend on and become accustomed to using.

Now I have a beautiful vehicle in my driveway ready to take me where I want to go – as does everyone on earth – learn to move-operate-use your vehicle and remember its function!

The God-mind books are training manuals for those WHO want to move-operate-use their vehicles. Observe: “WHO” is in the driver’s seat!! The Brotherhood of God are our instructors teaching each person how to drive and “God” is the passenger. (Note: that the passenger doesn’t want to drive!  God developed the mechanics, knows the process – just wants to see you shine!)

Highlighted above is what a lot of people think they have to know first – the “mechanics” of God’s Principles (how it all works) – is this true? Do you have to know how the vehicle runs – all it’s intricate workings – in order to drive it?

The Brotherhood of God teaches mastery to use God Energy ~ all Good in this lifetime!

God-mind Connection Ch 1, page 3: The energy of the God of the Universe is open to people on both planes.  It comes through the Brotherhood of God to help you to become the person you want to be.

From God-mind teammate — Constance Jean Givens
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The Brotherhood of God – Making Paths Straight

We who know the way of truth and who realize the need you may have of help, will be present with our own part­nerships to sustain you no matter how hard the task, how tiring the ordeals, how worrisome the needs. We will go forth as emissaries to those who need help, to you if you need help, to bring our own best efforts to the spiritual core of individuals, to situations, to what­ever causes you alarm or concern.

Masters of Greatness Ch 8, Pg 148

Hi All, I wanted to share some experiences with you all on how the “Brotherhood of God” has helped me with my life. This name, the “Brotherhood of God”, or just the “Brotherhood”, was given to our spiritual guides and counsellors from the next plane of life in Jean Foster’s Book “the God Mind Connection”. This relationship has enriched my life in so many ways it is hard to count them all. What follows is a basic summary of what happened to me when I started this connection.

Once I started connecting with the Brotherhood, I would get up early every day to write to them for 20 minutes or so before going to work. You can find my story here. They gave me an introduction about themselves and what I could expect from the relationship, and they answered any personal questions I had about what I should do to solve difficult problems I was dealing with at that time. Their advice to me focussed on keeping them in mind at all times, they told me that in this way, the connection between our minds was established, and I would be assisted.

I started with the process (keeping them in mind through the day) by simply mentally acknowledging their presence as I went about my work. My belief is that anyone can do this after reading “The God Mind Connection” as you know roughly who they are, so you can establish the mental connection. A mental image that worked for me was that I imagined the Brotherhood were in heaven, shining their light down on me and the situation I was in. This particular method worked for me, but you will find your own. I noticed some things happening to me immediately.

At that time I had a busy job as a Shift Supervisor at a Sugar Factory and would often rush about, cutting conversations with my teammates short to move on and deal with the many other problems that presented themselves during the shift. By acknowledging the Brotherhood’s presence, I began to receive their higher perspective which encouraged me to be patient, listen to what my work mates had to say, giving them the time and attention they deserved, and fully resolve any issues that they had. I started to act on this perspective and I noticed that my relationships with my colleagues improved. Indeed, I realised that I had been sabotaging these relationships through my lack of attention and respect for my workmates, which had been driven by my fear of being held accountable by management for not optimising the factory as they wished.

I started to become more confident in Production meetings where I reported to management on the operating status of the factory. I kept the Brotherhood in mind, and they would guide my actions and give me courage in these difficult and often conflict filled meetings. Instead of attempting to hide problems to prevent myself looking bad, I was guided to openly acknowledge them, and started to work with the management and support teams to drive the process of finding solutions to these problems. I was guided to become more gentle, more open, and more collaborative in my approach to resolving problems. This led to a much more positive experience at work and greatly improved my ability to effect positive change in the workplace.

These are just a couple of problems that the Brotherhood helped me with when I first started working with them. The full list is too long to recount now. I need, and have received, a lot of help! If you are interested in connecting with the Brotherhood of God to get this help for yourself I suggest this methodology to get started:

  1. Get yourself a copy of The God Mind Connection, read it cover to cover.
  2. Follow the directions in the book and establish a connection with the Brotherhood through any of the methods they recommend in chapters 1 and 2.
  3. Keep the Brotherhood in mind as you go about the day.
  4. Enjoy the assistance of God and the Brotherhood in your life!
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