Books in English

God-Mind Books and Audio in English

If you are interested in reading more about God-Mind power and developing a powerful relationship with your God partner, here are some ways to obtain your own copies of the books or audio.

Buy any of the books in paperback or ebook (The God-Mind Connection is also available as an audio book) online from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and iTunes.

Click on a book for more details:

God-Mind Connection book cover   The Truth That Goes Unclaimed book cover   Eternal Gold book cover   Decision book cover
New Earth New Truth book cover   Masters of Greatness book cover   Divine Partnership book cover   Epilogue book cover

You can also order the books directly from publisher Ron Knight, who distributes the books in English from his site in Texas.

Ron can be reached by email at
or by phone at +1-972-898-1753 (mobile)
or via postal mail at the following address:                                                                

Teamup Services
4104 Vista Ridge Rd                                                                                                                       Oak Point, TX 75068-1843

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