Searching for the “Inner Dan”

The eighteenth promise belongs to those who try to do all things by the sweat of their brows.  The promise God makes is that He will make the path easy if people will let Him.  God intends to alleviate the hardships, the difficult trials, thoughts that empty your minds of hope.  God will make the hopeless happy and the burdened think their life is beautiful. The Brotherhood stands ready to help attain this promise for each of you, that your life will be one of beauty and of happiness.

The God Mind Connection Ch 9, Pg 94

When I started work in a Sugar Factory in QLD, Australia, I was quite stressed out. As supervisors of the factory shifts we had a difficult assignment, keep an old and tired factory humming along, processing the large annual cane crop and producing the sugar needed to financially support the company. There were many instances where we would have mechanical breakdowns leading to full factory shutdowns – the pressure was always on to get the factory going again before the sugar seized up in the pipes leading to disastrous results.

During these breakdowns I would often stay back late to assist the next Shift Supervisor get the factory going again. There was a Supervisor there “Dan” who I would see happily walking around, making jokes with the team, going about his work to fix the issue at hand. He seemed unphased by the maelstrom around him – broken down equipment, stressed out teammates, managers driving us along. I thought to myself – how does Dan do it? How can I be more like him? I promised myself that I would one day find my “Inner Dan”.

Recently we finished a full factory shutdown. I was principally responsible for bringing the factory online and we were one week behind schedule starting the factory up. Many issues had thwarted our progress, and myself and my team had been working around the clock to resolve them. There was a lot of pressure to achieve this, and many people came up to me during this time to ask how I was going. I told them the answer – I was fine, I actually felt quite good! I realised something – I had found my “Inner Dan” at last..

How did I find it? I followed the voice of the Brotherhood. They guided me away from the frantic and desperate voice of my own ego toward the peace and security that God offers. They guided me towards the solutions to all the problems that presented – complicated technical problems, disagreements between teammates, lack of appropriate resources. They made the path easy, they made the path straight. They changed my experience from difficult and tortuous to calm, blessed and inspiring.

If you are interested in downloading a free PDF version of “The God Mind Connection” it can be found here.

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