Stumbling upon the Love and Truth of God

I grew up in a Christian family, at school I was taught to believe, and I did. Later as a teenager I started to dig into western philosophy, I became agnostic; My feeling was that the existence of God could not be proved either way, and that it was impossible for us to know. At that time in high school I was quite shy and I gradually became alienated from my schoolmates, losing my faith in my ability to connect with people.

After high school I got the opportunity to go on a working trip to Europe with a cousin and one of his friends. Through their encouragement, I started to get out more and engage with people. I gradually began to overcome my lack of faith in people; more and more I could see the good in people and how much we had in common.

This process culminated in an experience I had as we were visiting Thailand on the way home to Australia. I was washing my face in the bathroom of our hotel and I paused for a minute, reflecting on the experiences I had had, what I had learnt, and feeling a deep appreciation for everything. Suddenly I noticed a feeling, like a liquid gold entering the top of my head and moving down my spine.

This “substance” gave me the most blissful feeling as it filled my heart to what felt like bursting point. Then, I felt my heart “open”, and my whole body was filled with this substance, this love. I realised I loved the world, I loved all mankind. I felt the presence of a truth all around me and I realised that this truth was very ancient, existing before the beginning of time.

This truth made me realize many things. Truths became instantly self evident to me. As I walked down the street I could feel this same soul substance in every person I saw, and knew their soul was of the same substance as mine. We were all made of this loving substance, and that this substance was God.

I gained many things from this experience, but most of all I learnt that God is real, and is the answer to all the problems in life. I gained motivation to search for the truth that God gives, and apply this truth to my life.

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