God-Mind Books Narrated on Youtube!

Barry Peterson from the “Giving Voice to the Wisdom of the Ages” Youtube channel is now narrating “The God Mind Connection” on his channel.

Be sure to subscribe to Barry’s channel for more updates. He has a real breadth of fantastic spiritual material on his website, and his other work is well worth checking out.

You can can find the narration of the first four chapters of “The God Mind Connection” here:

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Connecting with our spiritual guides – The Brotherhood of God

By Jack Lennon

Hi everyone, my name is Jack Lennon, I live in Queensland Australia, and I would like to share with you how I came to establish a connection with Brotherhood of God, the personal spiritual guides and counsellors who are available to assist us all. There are many ways to connect with the Brotherhood, this is my own method, and I share it in the hope that it may help someone make that connection. I can guarantee you two things:

  1. There is most definitely a means for you to connect with and have a communication with the Brotherhood of God. I have been told that this communication is for all, I pray that you will believe me on this. Faith is the most important aspect of establishing the communication, with faith in yourself and the existence of the Brotherhood you can do it.
  2. Whatever your way to connect is, when you make this connection it will totally transform your life for the better. I can relate my my own experience which I will share below.

I found a used copy of the “God Mind Connection” in a second hand book store in 2008. I had been searching hard through spiritual literature for maybe 4 years trying to find answers to all the normal questions: What is the meaning of life? Why are we here? What happens when we die? Etc. I was immediately struck by the words in the book which resonated with me strongly. I read the book, ordered the remainders of Jean’s Books, and read these too (many times!). One thing I did not do – I did not attempt to contact the Brotherhood of God as is the key message in the books. Why not?

  1. Lack of faith in my ability to do this – I thought that you needed “special powers” or a gift to do it.
  2. Fear or failure – what if I couldn’t do it and it proved everything I believed to be wrong?
  3. Lack of motivation – I already had all of Jean’s books – over 1000 pages of channelled work from the Brotherhood to inspire me. What was the point?

10 years after finding the books, I ran into a difficult situation. I had just started a new job as a Shift Supervisor at a sugar factory. I was pushing hard to improve factory performance, but didn’t really have the experience needed. There were people on the shift who didn’t like me and resented my presence there. It culminated in an experience at a shift party where one of the team members let me know what he thought of me. Ouch!

Trying to find a solution to this dilemma, I got a strong inner urge to read the “The God Mind Connection” once more. This time a passage in chapter 1 gave me pause for thought:

I tell you the truth, that everyone who wishes to be open to the Brotherhood of God can be so.  This is not difficult to do.  It is only a matter of will and of desire on the part of anyone.  You only think it’s difficult because it isn’t common yet, but communication is the part that is best between you and us.  We can become helpful to you in your growth there because we can unite with you.  Think on this matter carefully:  People may be one with the Brotherhood of God by opening their minds to the open channel that brings communication between us.

The God Mind Connection Ch 1, Pg 6

I thought to myself – what if I actually had a go at doing this? What if I actually did what they had been asking me to do for the last 10 years? I read on:

This is the way:  To you who would use the typewrit­er, this is a good way.  To others who do not type or who won’t consider this method, there is another way.  Our plane and your plane coming together is to be understood.  A person may listen to his inner voice.  This is fine.  It is good, but obviously not many know how to listen to the inner voice.  The thrust of this message is that there is a way for all. And it can be as certain as writing letters.  We write letters, don’t we?  We expect answers, right?  Then this way is most sure.  The inner voice may be mystical to many, you see.  And it is subject to the subconscious, but so is the writing.   This is the way to communicate — to meditate, to listen, to write us and let us answer through your fingers.  The Brotherhood does not care which method.  Use whatsoever you will, but open your mind to this open channel that you may not waste your earth life.  

The God Mind Connection Ch 2, Pg 17

I sat down in front of my computer and opened MS word. I was scared – really scared – scared of the unknown. In the “God Mind Connection,” Jean explains how she first contacted a spirit called “love” who taught her how to communicate. I attempted the same method and wrote “I would like to speak to the teacher “love” to assist me with communicating with the Brotherhood and to help me with my life.” I left my fingers on the keyboard, opened my mind, “listening” for the answer. I typed words one by one slowly as they appeared in my mind. When the sentence was finished I reread it:

Hello I want to say to you that I have been looking for a student with a name like yours. 

I couldn’t believe it. A coherent sentence? Was I making it up? I wrote: “Thank you love for communicating with me.” Here is the reply I received:

It is a pleasure to be at one with a person who looks for the best in life to be one with us.

Lets just say that after this I was rather “animated” and had to run around the block a few times before I could settle down!

Since then I have made it a habit of writing to the Brotherhood every day. I soon found my relationships and my performance at work were improving. They told me that they could help me by keeping them in mind continuously throughout the day. I found that when I did this, I was “guided” towards behaviours that had better outcomes. Through this process I gained much understanding and shed a number of limiting self beliefs and habits. Every day was, and is, a learning opportunity and chance for self improvement. Three years later, I have seen a massive improvement in my attitude, behaviour, relationships and quality of life. Through this process I have found fulfilment in life – every day is a true joy and a blessing I give thanks for.

The brunt of my message is: Give it a go!

If you have any questions or experiences to share, I encourage you to leave a comment below or get hold of us through the contact form.

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Thank you!

Hi Keith, James and Ron — your invitation “as Editor” is a honor and accepted today 4/24/2021.

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Welcome to the New God-Mind Books Site!

Welcome to the new God-Mind Books website! We’re trying out a new host, WordPress.com, and so far so good. Thanks for your patience as we’re still working out final details.

As always, we’re eager to hear what you think of the site, and welcome any feedback.



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