Bridging the Gap to God

To enable you to receive the truth that you need and want, we bring you our concept of God, this great, wonderful and unlimited concept that you may borrow to make your own connection with God‑mind.  Then you will grow spiritually into that advanced spirit who is one with God and who can make your own connection with God.

The Brotherhood waits to help you, and we take our under­standing and our truth to those who ask.  There is a way we can help this reader attain whatever is wanted if it is in the spiritual good.  We speak the truth here, the truth which brings you assurance that God is real and that you will receive His touch of good.

The Truth That Goes Unclaimed Ch 4, Pg 41

God gives us the truth. God is the perfection that we need and want in our lives. When we think of “Good” this is the nature of God – All goodness and truth comes from God. Being close to God brings goodness into our lives – happiness, success, fulfilment, joy, peace and unison with others. The question is, how can we “Bridge the gap to God” and bring ourselves closer to this goodness? How can we receive, and become one with, this powerful goodness and truth?

Searching for God alone is the hard way – the easy way to bring ourself closer to God is to unite our minds with the Brotherhood of God, the spiritual guides whose mission it is to bring us into oneness with God while here in our Earth lives. The Brotherhood are ever ready to offer us their services, any time of day or night. We can simply turn our minds to them and start the process of “Bridging the Gap to God”.

How does this work? The Brotherhood have a strong concept, or understanding, of God. When we turn our minds to them, we unite our minds with theirs and “borrow” their strong understanding of God. This allows the goodness and truth of God to come into our minds and present itself in our lives. Unifying our minds with theirs is as simple as turning our thoughts to them with the openness to receive assistance. This can be done throughout the day, whenever assistance or support is required. The more we do this, the more we receive, and the closer we get to unity with God’s power and goodness.

Uniting our minds with the Brotherhood of God can be done in many different ways. Each person will find a way that is most effective and beneficial for them. Some write questions to the Brotherhood and allow the Brotherhood to answer through their fingers. Some unite with the Brotherhood in their meditations, and receive the answers and the truth that they seek. Some unite with the Brotherhood in their dreams. If you turn your mind to the Brotherhood and ask for assistance, you will be guided towards your own special way of receiving the assistance you need.

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