Building the Temple Within

Only greatness will happen here, and only goodness will transpire within you. God’s wonderful blossom will unfold its bloom within you.  In your  inner temple the teacher, the truth, and the reader meet to work togeth­er. This temple will bring forth the gifts of your spiritual heritage.  These truths that we bring to you come from the God of the Universe to you, his own spiritual children, the sons and daughters of the Most High, the true sons of God.

The Truth that Goes Unclaimed Ch1, Pg 4.

In the God Mind Books, the Brotherhood of God recommend that we build an “Inner Temple”; a place created within ourselves where we can go to meditate, to work with the Brotherhood and to receive God Mind Truth. They recommend that we go to this place on a regular basis, putting as much time as we can into receiving this perfect truth from God.

The Brotherhood describe this inner temple as our true inner self, where we connect with and recognise our unity with God. The beauty and the greatness we perceive of this inner temple corresponds to our own concept and understanding of the greatness of God.

My own experience is that this practice has helped me receive truth which is practical and useful in my life. It serves to inspire me, to encourage me, and to improve my thoughts. It makes me more joyous, calmer, more self assured, more able to confidently navigate the Earth experience. I am so grateful for every drop of truth I receive.

When I feel the connection with this truth it feels to me like it has a substance to it; it has a fullness, a gentleness, a freshness and an inspirational quality. The truth appears to me as wordless but powerful, it works on me to improve the person that I am. With the reception and integration of this truth, I seem to gain power to resolve other challenges in my life.  I strive to make this connection with divine truth the top priority in my life, as all other aspects of my life are be benefitted thereby: family, work, hobbies, relationships and finances.

Receiving the truth fills my heart with love. It helps me to know that we are all one, that we will work together to resolve all difficulties. This love extends to you all – wherever you are, I wish for you to receive your own perfect truth, and benefit in your own lives thereby.

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