Different Strokes for Different Folks

Champion (Corona)
Oil on Canvas by Libba Davis

Communication is an all-encompassing subject for there are so many ways to communicate:  speaking words, writing words, reading facial gestures, drawing pictures, touching, and many more.  So also is communication through spirit truly “different strokes for different folks.”  I am posting this message because it took me a little while to understand my own method of communication through my GodMind connection, perhaps so others will feel encouraged.

Though there are times when I feel my spirit requesting assistance and words flow through me in the moment that seem to have originated in response to my request, my usual method of communication is what is known as clairsentience, clear feeling.  It begins with a signature feeling of overwhelming love.  And it is then that I know my thoughts are being read without judgement, my heart is expressing, and I feel tender guidance for my life.  And I just know what to do or say.  I have learned to trust this with all my heart and have never been let down.  It’s like moving into a frequency that knows no judgement, only goodness in being (becoming) the truth of myself, the ultimate challenge in being every moment, infinite love and loved in the heart of God.  Intoxicating!  So I can see why I enjoy communicating in this manner.  Words (for me) can have many meanings; feelings, I trust.  Why I am constructed like this I do not know, but my Partner and I have worked out the earlier “kinks”, and it’s now such serenity to communicate in this manner.  There is a fluidity about it that resonates strongly within…a knowing.  Interestingly, this flows through my current work creating paintings and I believe many artists feel the same, whether it be the art of words, artistic medium, or simply living or working in a creative manner.  (I am recently retired from many years of medical work in a hospital setting in which this same creative communication taught me so much!)  

In the book Black Elk Speaks by John Neihardt there is this message:  (Black Elk is speaking of God) “You have set the power of the four quarters of the Earth to cross each other.  You have made me cross the Good road with the road of difficulties, and where they cross, that place is Holy.”  How did he know that place or time is “holy”?  He felt it, and we feel it now or we wouldn’t care so much about spiritually evolving.  This moment on planet Earth is truly Holy.  

The God-Mind Connection by Jean Foster truly initiated me into the knowing that, as I ask, I am being divinely guided in the day to day living of my life. 

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