Trust Is The Key

And from the Voice Within:  Trust is the key between the physical lifetime lived with certainty in the Good, or God, that is available to everyone and the spirit who wants a lifetime that expresses its potential.

When I get in my vehicle, turn the key, the vehicle starts – I push the gas petal and I’m on my way. I KNOW this process is what is required to MOVE in the direction I want. For sure I do not know the mechanics of operation”–  however, I have come to TRUST that each time I need to go somewhere that my vehicle will get me there. My part is to TURN THE KEY to initiate the process.  Then follow my God-mind “Voice Within” nudges to deliver me to my desired destination.  [The capitalized words are also what is required to put God’s Principles into motion.]

To “KNOW” (means decision-direction formed) focusing on where I want to go.  Go to my inner temple, TURN THE KEY (means call for teamwork with The Brotherhood/Holy Spirit) and TRUST (means consistency-compassion-competency-communication combined in Oneness) with God’s Principles functioning to MOVE (means to use-operate) delivering the desired results for where I want to go/be.

Simply stated – it takes practice – just like learning to drive. After a while (experience develops mastery), I can operate the vehicle as if I’ve been doing this from birth. It becomes easier than most tasks – something I turn to often – that I depend on and become accustomed to using.

Now I have a beautiful vehicle in my driveway ready to take me where I want to go – as does everyone on earth – learn to move-operate-use your vehicle and remember its function!

The God-mind books are training manuals for those WHO want to move-operate-use their vehicles. Observe: “WHO” is in the driver’s seat!! The Brotherhood of God are our instructors teaching each person how to drive and “God” is the passenger. (Note: that the passenger doesn’t want to drive!  God developed the mechanics, knows the process – just wants to see you shine!)

Highlighted above is what a lot of people think they have to know first – the “mechanics” of God’s Principles (how it all works) – is this true? Do you have to know how the vehicle runs – all it’s intricate workings – in order to drive it?

The Brotherhood of God teaches mastery to use God Energy ~ all Good in this lifetime!

God-mind Connection Ch 1, page 3: The energy of the God of the Universe is open to people on both planes.  It comes through the Brotherhood of God to help you to become the person you want to be.

From God-mind teammate — Constance Jean Givens
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2 Responses to Trust Is The Key

  1. Jack Lennon says:

    Beautiful post Connie. The more I go along the more I realise that faith is power, faith is the answer. Love this vehicle analogy!!!


  2. Jesus says:

    Reblogged this on Jesus and commented:
    Thank You LORD!


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