The Brotherhood of God – Making Paths Straight

We who know the way of truth and who realize the need you may have of help, will be present with our own part­nerships to sustain you no matter how hard the task, how tiring the ordeals, how worrisome the needs. We will go forth as emissaries to those who need help, to you if you need help, to bring our own best efforts to the spiritual core of individuals, to situations, to what­ever causes you alarm or concern.

Masters of Greatness Ch 8, Pg 148

Hi All, I wanted to share some experiences with you all on how the “Brotherhood of God” has helped me with my life. This name, the “Brotherhood of God”, or just the “Brotherhood”, was given to our spiritual guides and counsellors from the next plane of life in Jean Foster’s Book “the God Mind Connection”. This relationship has enriched my life in so many ways it is hard to count them all. What follows is a basic summary of what happened to me when I started this connection.

Once I started connecting with the Brotherhood, I would get up early every day to write to them for 20 minutes or so before going to work. You can find my story here. They gave me an introduction about themselves and what I could expect from the relationship, and they answered any personal questions I had about what I should do to solve difficult problems I was dealing with at that time. Their advice to me focussed on keeping them in mind at all times, they told me that in this way, the connection between our minds was established, and I would be assisted.

I started with the process (keeping them in mind through the day) by simply mentally acknowledging their presence as I went about my work. My belief is that anyone can do this after reading “The God Mind Connection” as you know roughly who they are, so you can establish the mental connection. A mental image that worked for me was that I imagined the Brotherhood were in heaven, shining their light down on me and the situation I was in. This particular method worked for me, but you will find your own. I noticed some things happening to me immediately.

At that time I had a busy job as a Shift Supervisor at a Sugar Factory and would often rush about, cutting conversations with my teammates short to move on and deal with the many other problems that presented themselves during the shift. By acknowledging the Brotherhood’s presence, I began to receive their higher perspective which encouraged me to be patient, listen to what my work mates had to say, giving them the time and attention they deserved, and fully resolve any issues that they had. I started to act on this perspective and I noticed that my relationships with my colleagues improved. Indeed, I realised that I had been sabotaging these relationships through my lack of attention and respect for my workmates, which had been driven by my fear of being held accountable by management for not optimising the factory as they wished.

I started to become more confident in Production meetings where I reported to management on the operating status of the factory. I kept the Brotherhood in mind, and they would guide my actions and give me courage in these difficult and often conflict filled meetings. Instead of attempting to hide problems to prevent myself looking bad, I was guided to openly acknowledge them, and started to work with the management and support teams to drive the process of finding solutions to these problems. I was guided to become more gentle, more open, and more collaborative in my approach to resolving problems. This led to a much more positive experience at work and greatly improved my ability to effect positive change in the workplace.

These are just a couple of problems that the Brotherhood helped me with when I first started working with them. The full list is too long to recount now. I need, and have received, a lot of help! If you are interested in connecting with the Brotherhood of God to get this help for yourself I suggest this methodology to get started:

  1. Get yourself a copy of The God Mind Connection, read it cover to cover.
  2. Follow the directions in the book and establish a connection with the Brotherhood through any of the methods they recommend in chapters 1 and 2.
  3. Keep the Brotherhood in mind as you go about the day.
  4. Enjoy the assistance of God and the Brotherhood in your life!
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